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Our Story

Kids’ Carpentry was established in 1982 in Berkeley, CA. Since then, the program has engaged thousands of kids in hundreds of schools in the fun of wood working. It remains very popular among parents, educators, administrators and most importantly, kids.

Kids’ Carpentry Seattle continues the tradition of building confidence and teaching with respect and humor in a safe and happy environment. In a world of screens and consoles, we are committed to capturing children’s attention by providing quality programming through hands-on learning and engaging experiences.

Our Programs

Kids’ Carpentry Programs are hands on building classes designed to teach girls and boys practical woodworking skills with an emphasis on the safe use of hand tools. We offer several types of classes at our workshop or at your school or meeting place, many with opportunities to develop a project or program specific to your needs. A Kids’ Carpentry Teacher will bring supplies, tools and wood to your location. Ready to get started? Contact us!

Enrichment Programs

Before and after school programs are hands-on toy building classes for girls and boys ages 5-10 and are run through your child’s school. Classes are 60-90 minutes and run for 6-15 weeks for groups of 6-10 kids. At the end of the session, each child will go home with at least one but often three or more wooden toys or games that they have made and painted by hand. Some on site storage is necessary. Contact us about adding Kids’ Carpentry to your enrichment schedule.

Educational Programming

Kids’ Carpentry Educational programming is designed to enhance your school curriculum with hands-on wood construction learning opportunities. All classes are designed to align with Washington State K-12 Learning Standards in your area of study. Programs can be developed together with teachers to meet the specific needs and goals of your classroom. Have an idea for a program? Contact the Educational Programming Coordinator to get started.

Conferences And Breaks

Half days and short breaks can be a great time to run a specialized program. A Kids’ Carpentry teacher will design a program just for you and bring all the materials to your site. Program length varies from as little as 2 hours to a full week of camp and can serve a group of 10-30 kids.

Home School Programs

Kids’ Carpentry for home school groups are designed to teach a wide variety of skills and concepts for girls and boys ages 5-13. Student carpenters gain quality experiences in measuring, applied math (including fractions), problem-solving and craftsmanship, and as a result are empowered by the hands-on experience. Classes are 60-90 minutes and run for 6-15 weeks for groups of 6-10 kids. Classes can be held at your location or in our SoDo workshop.

Our Teachers

Loren Kite — Director

Loren grew up picking through his father’s garage for his next big adventure. He has very fond memories of carrying around his first hammer and all of the work they did together. Their glory eventually lead him to a BFA in Production Management from the Theatre School at DePaul University and an AAS in Carpentry from Seattle Central’s Center for Wood Construction. Loren has worked for youth and children’s theatres in Chicago and Seattle. In his free time, Loren builds cat and human furniture and dreams up new and exciting Kids’ Carpentry Seattle projects.

Loren has been teaching Kids’ Carpentry since 2009 and is thrilled to be leading the Seattle branch of this exciting program. Loren has great relationships with kids and knows from experience how patience and positive attention can make a big impact. He is excited to share his enthusiasm with a new generation of eager carpenters.

Jessica Long — Educational Programming Coordinator

Jessica is an educator with nearly 15 years of experience working with kids both in and out of the classroom. Whether teaching gymnastics, science, reading or carpentry, she values strong relationships with kids, learning together and opportunities to witness that moment when a kid achieves something they didn’t know they could do before. As an elementary and classroom teacher, Jessica has built her skills in collaboration to design projects that engage and inspire.

Sue Dellario — Teacher

Sue is AWESOME! As a Grandmother of three she brings lots of experience with patience, love and understanding. From raising horses to raising kids, Sue knows what it takes to capture kids attention and get them excited about building. New to carpentry herself, Sue understands the struggles and joys of turning nothing special into something extraordinary. Sue is excited to be expand her carpentry skills while learning more about the way kids learn and interact with hand tools. Look for her at Magnolia and Hiawatha Community Centers. Sue teaches classes on Capitol Hill and at our SoDo Workshop.

Ryder Richardson — Teacher

Ryder has been working with kids for over 15 years and has no interest in stopping. As a kid, Ryder always wished he had the opportunity to learn hands-on crafts, especially carpentry, but the opportunity did not arise until later in life. He feels lucky to have been able to begin to learn these skills as an adult and to pass on what he has learned to curious and imaginative young people at such a pivotal time in their lives. What a dream job! Ryder took an introductory carpentry course at Seattle Central Community college and plans on continuing his own woodworking education. He also has a B.A. in Comparative History of Ideas from the University of Washington, an A.S. from Portland Community College and is a firm believer in lifelong learning. He thinks that Kids’ Carpentry classes are a great way for kids to learn how to use tools safely and effectively at an early age, a way for them to use the math they learn in the classroom in an exciting new hands-on way, and to experience firsthand the benefits of exercising patience and attention to detail while also gaining confidence in their own skills and ability to problem solve… and of course having a great time doing it! Ryder teaches classes in West Seattle and Vashon Island

Deb Roby — Teacher

Deb is excited to be the newest Kids Carpentry teacher where she will finally get a chance to use her theatrical background making kids laugh with silly songs about safety. New to carpentry herself, she has spent a lot of time honing her skills and feels lots of empathy for kids who struggle with combining math and fun time. Her favorite part of class is vigorous sanding, hammering and convincing kids wearing safety glasses is cool. Look for her at classes in West and North Seattle.

Nicole Dillman — Teacher

Nicole Dillman is a Washington state certified teacher with a Masters in education. Her background is in Special education supporting students with complex social- emotional, behavior and sensory processing needs. After noticing how hands-on projects positively impacted her students’ learning she was inspired to join Kids’ Carpentry. She believes that Kids’ Carpentry fills an important gap in education, providing opportunities for students to develop perseverance, fine and gross motor skills, math reasoning and work ethic. She believes all children deserve a chance to see themselves as makers.

In addition to teaching, Nicole is an artist and community activist developing curriculum for youth programs in Lake City with her partner and co-owner of Hellbent Brewing Company. Nicole is grateful to be part of such a unique program and enjoys seeing young carpenters work together. You can find her teaching at a variety of schools in North Seattle.

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Our workshop is located at the IGIMO Art Station in Columbia City
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